Dream It, Be It

Helping girls grow to be confident, successful, happy adults!

Dream It, Be It reaches girls in secondary school who face obstacles to their future success. Through small group workshops or a conference setting, we mentor girls on finding their dreams, setting and achieving their goals, moving forward after setbacks or failures, and discovering career opportunities.

New this year we added Mentoring and Informational Interviewing Skills.  We shared the importance of finding a mentor, both personally and professionally; and offered to help find one.  This includes helping to find contacts in the community to match with their career interests to set up info interviews.

Topics We Cover

In addition to the fabulous speakers from our membership, we brought in three speakers from the local community to share their stories and provide inspiration. We also distributed backpacks and class supplies, candy goodies and several gifts along with an opportunity to apply for a scholarship award from our club.

2024 Dream It, Be It – Folsom Lake High School

Comments from Participating Students:

My Favorite Part of DIBI was:

  • Seeing all the different careers, all the stories, feeling connected to the women around me made me feel more confident in life; seeing them happy makes me see I could still be happy when I’m older, which is hard to be nowadays.
  • Everyone is understanding and can help in any way. The confidence it gave me to move forward.

Helpful Things I Learned from DIBI:

  • Just write and read, move forward and breathe, talk with my father, just follow my dream, motivation, overcome fears, overcome anxiety, work, stay strong-minded/self care-mentally/physically, save money, try harder, try to talk to someone to help.

Comment from Folsom Lake High School Counselor:

  • In the two presentations I sat in on, I was really impressed with the level of engagement by our students. I could tell that they were listening and paying attention to what each of the speakers/presenters had to say and were trying to share. I think everything was broken up into short and sweet segments that were ideal for our students. I really like the idea of workplace visits, matching girls with professional women, job shadow days, internships, info interviews, volunteer opportunities.